A Valentine’s Day message for kitty

Brown and white cat lying next to pink and red heart toys

We’ve got you covered with a beautiful message to share with your one true love (your cat).

Share this poem with kitty to create a moment to remember. To make the experience even more special, we recommend performing your recitation while handing over a tasty treat.

For my cat: A love poem
I love your precious little nose.
The way you lick between your toes.
I love each little noise you make,
And play with toys until they break.
I know it’s simply useless.
I cannot resist your cuteness.
It’s just so funny and so sweet,
When you stand on your hind feet.
I love every single tiny claw.
I’m wrapped around your little paw.
By Miss Kitten

If this doesn’t get you a friendly head bump or slow blink then it may be time to reassess the dynamics of your relationship. Ask yourself: are you doing enough for your cat?

If the answer is no, we’ve got good news: it’s not too late to buy kitty’s love with our Valentine’s Day flash sale!

I need to repair my relationship with my cat, take me to the sale!