Kitty safety check: four simple steps every cat owner should take now

Scared orange kitten hiding in grass

Our kitties can be slippery little suckers when they want to see what’s outside that magical front door. There’s no time like the present to make sure you’ve put everything in place to bring them home quickly, should the worst happen. Here’s what you need to do. 1. Update your microchip details It sounds simple, […]

A Valentine’s Day message for kitty

Brown and white cat lying next to pink and red heart toys

We’ve got you covered with a beautiful message to share with your one true love (your cat). Share this poem with kitty to create a moment to remember. To make the experience even more special, we recommend performing your recitation while handing over a tasty treat. For my cat: A love poem I love your precious little […]

Tips from Santa Claws for happy holidays

Festive cat in sunglasses

You and your cat have no doubt had a big year. New climbs conquered, mouse targets smashed and many purrfect cuddles. As you cruise into holiday mode, keep in mind that a guardian’s work is never really done. However, with a bit of planning it can be put on hold. Here are our top tips to avoid Christmas becoming […]

What’s your kitty’s snoozing style?

Ginger kitten sleeping on blanket

For cats, sleeping is a full time career and they are not afraid to work hard at it. We explore three ways to identify your kitty’s working style and get them on the path to success in their chosen field! Do you find your kitty passed out on unlikely surfaces or do you have to hunt […]

All I want for Christmas is to free myself from cat clutter!

What do you keep around the house for your kitty? Scratching posts, cat towers, litter trays, beds – the list goes on, and it’s not a pretty one! We have some good news for you! It is surprisingly easy to make your kitty’s stuff melt into the background of your home decor. Here are three […]

3 genius ways to build play into kitty’s day (at zero cost)

Struggling to squeeze in enough play time for kitty? No problem – you’ve already got everything you need to inject a bit of fun into the day. You just don’t know it yet! 1. Be the toy… Attach a piece of string to your ankle and go about your business A dancing piece of string is irresistible […]

Save the couch! Stop problem scratching with one easy spray.

Cat sitting on scratched couch

Finally, there is an easy way to make sure your cat only scratches where you want them to. It’s safe, instant and most importantly, it works. Read on to find out how. Has your cat put been putting their paws where they’re not welcome? Cats scratch for a number of reasons, let’s look at some of […]

Are you doing enough to keep your cat happy?

As feline guardians, we are on the tools day-in and day-out to keep our cats happy and healthy. Despite this, many of us are plagued with a nagging sense that we should be doing more. So: how do you know if you are keeping your kitty happy? Here are some undeniable signs that you’re ticking […]