Tips from Santa Claws for happy holidays

Festive cat in sunglasses

You and your cat have no doubt had a big year. New climbs conquered, mouse targets smashed and many purrfect cuddles. As you cruise into holiday mode, keep in mind that a guardian’s work is never really done. However, with a bit of planning it can be put on hold.

Here are our top tips to avoid Christmas becoming Hissmas this year.

Calm vibes
The phrase ‘scaredy cat’ is no accident. Cats are highly sensitive to changes in their environment, including noise, visitors or even any tension you may be carrying around the house (which never happens around Christmas, right?). If your home is transforming into a hive of wine-fuelled celebration, make sure kitty has a quiet, safe space where they can access food, water and a litter tray. If your petal is particularly delicate, help them stay calm by spritzing soothing Feliway spray around the house.

Watch the wobble
We all love to indulge our little ones, but it’s a fine line between tasty treat and unhealthy overload. For a cat, carrying even half a kilo (or for our imperial friends, a pound) of extra weight can be equivalent to a 10 per cent weight gain – imagine how much that is for you! Kitty can experience a wide range of health problems and discomfort from being overfed. This holiday season, please make sure your little furball does not transform into a Christmas pudding.

All by myself…don’t wanna be, all by myyyyselfff, anymore
Are you leaving your cat alone in the house while you go away? For those who are used to having company, this can be a hard time. Only use people you really trust to lavish love onto your cat in the same way you do, and make sure you arrange for enough social time to keep the cuddle count up. Also think about any escape risk, as your carer probably isn’t used to blocking the ‘door dart’ in the same way you are. If you’re not sure about any of these things, find somewhere else for kitty to stay.

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