5 Science-Based Reasons Why Cat People Are Just Better

Woman in yoga pose beside the ocean

Here at Kitska HQ we’ve been looking into the science behind why we, the Cat People, are so well-balanced, intelligent and beautiful. 

Studies have shown time and again that the benefits of hooking up with a kitty are real. Here’s a rundown so you can use this information to shame dog owners (and worse) at dinner parties.

FACT 1: Intellectual and artistic

In 2010 they proved that cat owners are more artistic and intellectually curious than dog owners.

FACT 2: Eco-friendly

In 2009 they proved the carbon it takes to run your kitty for a lifetime is the equivalent of making and running a small hatchback, while dogs use up the same as a huge, ugly stinking SUV. Who’s surprised?

FACT 3: Healthy hearts

Huzzah, it’s time to ditch the active-wear! In this study they proved that your risk of a stroke or heart attack is one third lower because of Dr Kitty. Extra fries, anyone?

FACT 4: Lovely moods

Ok, we have to give other pets a credit here too, but it’s been proven our kitties are great for our general mental health, self esteem and because they are excellent conversationalists, we never feel lonely.

FACT 5: Allergy-free (well, new humans are)

Our cats are even good for human kittens, by lowering their likelihood of developing allergies. Is there nothing Dr Kitty can’t cure?

Once you’ve fired these babies across the table, drop your mic (or the closest wine glass) and walk out.

Then secretly watch through a window to see them all googling where to find the closest kitty. Of course, we all know no cat would tolerate the presence of that kind of person.