Hot tips for keeping kitty warm in winter

Black cat under blanket

Our cats are master heat-seekers and if you’re lucky your furball is responding to the dropping temperature by snuggling up to you.

Don’t be fooled by this apparent display of affection though – they’re just using you for your heat. 

What about when you’re not there for them to shamelessly exploit though? Here are some hot tips on how to maximise warmth for your kitty through those cold days. 

NOTE: If you want to enjoy ongoing cat cuddles, do not follow these tips. Because let’s be honest – sometimes it doesn’t matter if their love isn’t real, it still feels nice to be wanted.

> Maximise sunshine

Our little lions love nothing more than sunbaking. Find the places in your home that get direct sunlight during the cooler months and create snoozing opportunities by leaving a blanket, pillow or bed there. Kitty hammocks attached to a sunny window can be simply ameowzing for this.

> Give them a smaller bed

Have you noticed your cat sleeps differently on cold days? They curl up as much as possible to retain heat, and this is extra effective when their bed is a cozy fit. A small, round bed provides extra heat by hugging your kitty’s circumference. We’ve got some purrfect beds for cozy sleeping in the Kitska store.

> Tuck them in

While paws and claws are great for many things, they are less than useful for tucking yourself in with a warm blanky. Provide plenty of blankets for kitty in their snoozing spots and whenever you walk past, lightly tuck them in. It’s great to do this at bedtime when kitty is settling down for the night. Imagine that pawesome feeling when your cold outer fur starts to warm up – you may even get a thank you purr for doing this one.

> Hot water bottles

These babies are a super easy and cheap option for long lasting heat. Put one under a thick blanket in kitty’s bed at the start of the day to give them hours of warmth. If you do this every day, kitty will learn the heat routine and know they can always hop into bed to charge up during the day. It’s important to make sure the bottle is tucked away enough that it can’t burn or become too hot for your cat.

PRO TIP: Keep plenty of drinking water available because your cat’s body is working extra hard to generate heat, which uses up more fluid than usual.

Enjoy those cold day cat cuddles, Kitska clowder!