Save the couch! Stop problem scratching with one easy spray.

Cat sitting on scratched couch

Finally, there is an easy way to make sure your cat only scratches where you want them to. It’s safe, instant and most importantly, it works. Read on to find out how.

Has your cat put been putting their paws where they’re not welcome? Cats scratch for a number of reasons, let’s look at some of the most common.

  • Marking territory. A new couch or piece of furniture brings new smells with it, wiping out kitty’s scented presence in the house. Quickest way to fix this? Sign and date with the nearest sharp object!
  • A need to stretch. Your cat needs to stretch their muscles when they scratch, but they can’t achieve this when their post slides across the floor. Now imagine the relief of finding a large, fixed object to help stretch out those tense muscles. Wouldn’t you be tempted?
  • Lack of infrastructure. Kitty may be expecting their scratcher to be as conveniently located as you expect the closest latte to be, or at the very least, closer than down the hallway and to the right.
  • Plain old pleasure. Like warm sand under a bare foot, some highly hookable fibres just feel great under-paw. Furniture upholstery…mmmm.

For some crazy reason not many people know about this, but there is a solution to problem scratching. And it’s so easy to implement! Here at Kitska HQ we have been bursting to share the news, because it’s a total game changer.

Here’s how it works. All day your kitty is marking their territory in a much gentler way, by rubbing against objects in their environment to leave an invisible scent behind. When they walk around the house, smelling this scent reassures them they are safe and secure in their space.

Your cat will never scratch where they have marked with their ‘safe’ scent.

Understanding this, some very clever people have created Feliway Spray, a clear and odourless spray that imitates your cat’s ‘safe’ scent.

So, how do you use it to save your furniture?

  1. Spritz a little Feliway Spray on the area you want them to avoid and you will instantly eliminate the desire to scratch there. You will need to refresh this about once a week.
  2. Make sure kitty has enough scratch points around the house that stay fixed and give them a good stretch.
  3. For a super-charged solution, spray the scratchers with Catnip Spray – kitty won’t be able to resist them!

If you are experiencing problem scratching, grab some Feliway Spray from the Kitska shop and save that couch!