3 genius ways to build play into kitty’s day (at zero cost)

Struggling to squeeze in enough play time for kitty? No problem – you’ve already got everything you need to inject a bit of fun into the day. You just don’t know it yet!

1. Be the toy…
Attach a piece of string to your ankle and go about your business
A dancing piece of string is irresistible for most cats, which is exactly what this delivers – without you having to actively play String Master. Instead, when you move, it moves. This will keep kitty entertained at a low intensity for long periods, which is great for those feline brain muscles!
Method: attach a piece of string (twine or shoelaces work well) to your ankle and carry on. Kitty will take it from here.

2. If I fits, I sits.
Leave those magical cardboard boxes out for a little longer than usual
Be it wine, online shopping or groceries, cardboard boxes come and go in our lives. If you leave them lying around it won’t be long before they are occupied. Chane it up with different boxes and locations to create a dynamic environment for kitty to explore.
Method: unpack your new goodies and throw the box casually onto the floor. After a day or two, clean up. When the next box arrives, repeat.

3. Go fetch!
Make that food run like a scared mouse
Is your cat more like a dog when it comes to food? This game gets food-motivated hearts racing, giving your cat a taste of the hunting chase. It works especially well if you have a long hallway or set of stairs to toss it down – watch kitty run!
Method: pick up cat food and toss down the hallway/stairs/across the room. Only use dry food for this one 😉

Have you got some great tips for playing with your kitty? Let us know and we’ll share them with the Kitska community!