All I want for Christmas is to free myself from cat clutter!

What do you keep around the house for your kitty? Scratching posts, cat towers, litter trays, beds – the list goes on, and it’s not a pretty one!

We have some good news for you! It is surprisingly easy to make your kitty’s stuff melt into the background of your home decor. Here are three ways to make it happen.

1. Use your walls.
Kitties love to gain altitude, so it makes sense to use the unused vertical space your walls provide. This was the inspiration behind our wall mounted cat scratchers, which give a great stretch and scratch for kitty and allow you to say goodbye to floor-dwelling scratching posts forever!

2. Make the most of existing shelf space.
You probably have bookshelves, a mantlepiece or floating shelves at your fingertips. Think of these spaces as little lion’s dens just waiting to happen – we can guarantee that if you make them comfortable, kitty will go there! Our Head of Products, Ravi, can’t get enough of his new cave in the bookshelf. He’s so excited he’s launched them in the Kitska store, check it out!

3. Hide what you can’t help.
Litter trays are a necessary evil, but this doesn’t make dealing with the sight, smell and crumbs of litter across the floor any less unpleasant. By putting your litter tray inside a simple cabinet, you can hide it in any room you like and provide kitty with some dignified privacy. Cut a hole in the back for entry and voila – you’ve got yourself the perfect litter hideout!

All of our products are created to help you minimise the clutter of cat life – view our range in the Kitska store.